Windscreen Services


From a Morgan to a Prius come to the experts at Old School Windscreens


Fast reliable windscreen repair & replacement

Whether you're looking for a windscreen, side or rear view glass for a classic car or a brand new BMW X5, we can source and fit it in our workshop, at your place of work, or home. We do a lot of work for major car dealerships in the area who have used us for many years due to the high quality of craftsmanship we insist on for every install.


Bad weather, potholes, motorway debris and constant vibration are all daily occurrences which can contribute to a crack or chip in your windscreen. A small crack or chip can often turn into a costly repair of the whole windscreen if it's left too long. Often a chip can be repaired and most windscreen repairs are free if you have fully comprehensive insurance.  We can also replace perished rubber seals and trims.

Here's what we offer you

• Fast reliable windscreen repair

• Replace perished rubber seals and trims

• Windscreen replacement

• Classic car service

• All communications with your insurance company

• Direct billing

• Mobile or at home/office service

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As well as expert repairs and replacement of windscreens we also offer a tinting service. Tinting the glass in your car can have many benefits apart from looking good including reducing glare, heat and energy costs. Why not contact us today to discuss how tinting could be beneficial to you?

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